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Deutsche Weltallianz German World Alliance


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German World Alliance Membership

Application & Renewal


Organizational membership (50 or more members) - U.S. $ 100 per year.

Organizational membership (less than 50 members) - U.S. $ 50 per year.

Organizational trial one-year membership (any number of members) - U.S. $ 20 for one year.

Individual membership - Euro 20, US$ 30, Can$ 30 per year.

Family membership - Euro 30, US$ 40, Can$ 40 per year.

Apply to have membership fee waived or reduced - briefly describe your reasons below.


Print the application form (PDF) , and mail it to the Treasurer:

Herbert Traxler

5817 Runford Drive

New Carrollton, MD 20784-2976

Tel.: 301-577-3503


The Brochure of the German World Alliance can be downloaded here in Word Format.